“Zee Wow Factor”

Every Guardian installation is unique to the land it is build on.  The lay of the land, and what already exists and works well in the landscape, is considered. The design of the landscape provides a solution for the problems with the existing landscape for the home owner. The area now accented with a fieldstone garden wall was simply a hillside garden. The steep pitch of the hillside made maintaining the garden a dreaded chore. Now the weeding and maintenance of the garden is a labor of love as the slope above the wall is softer, providing a place to stand while weeding or planting.

When we arrived, there was a narrow brick walk, running only a foot away from the home.  The homeowner was envisioning a gracefully curving entrance walk. Additionally, the homeowner loved the existing hand-fired brick and was counting on Guardian to creatively design a solution that brought together the old and the new. Since we were using stone for walls and the back patio, we came up with a solution, to add mountain stone to both ends of the walkway by incorporating the stone into the brick walkway.  The homeowner was delighted with the solution.  She told us, to our amusement, that it had “zee wow factor.”

The hillside behind the home stretched directly into the back of the home, creating a feeling of discomfort and confinement. The flakey shale, tangled weeds and profusion of sumac combined to create a obtrusive view from the kitchen and dining room. Guardian widened the area by cutting back the bank and building another fieldstone retaining wall.  A  new mountain stone patio stretches between the home and the retaining wall for summer lounging.  The hill side was scraped to remove all of the tangled overgrowth. A maintenance free mixture of orchard grass and white clover was  planted on the steep lower level of the hillside. The upper level was landscaped with a mixture of flowering shrubs for a dramatic new view.