Exterior Stone Overlay

Chimney OverlayMake a Statement
From rugged to refined, from elemental to elegant, stone offers a range patters, styles, and blended colors guaranteed to turn heads.  A natural stone facade add both beauty and value to your home.  Avoid the cookie cutter look, with an array of choices available in natural or faux stone installed by a masterful stone mason, so your home can truly be your castle.

The homeowner for whom this project was created, has her own special sense of style. So we personalized it, with a unique blend of Americana, Williamsburg and Early American. The result: A spectacular statement all her own.  She chose her stones carefully, blending two types of stone for the lovely overlay.  She and our staff worked diligently to come up with just the right color for the grout between stones.   Our stone mason chose stone for the star on the chimney as a surprise that delighted her.