Interior Overlay

Fireplace Overlay

Natural stone fireplaces radiate warmth, evoking stirrings of comfort in all of us.  Curl up with a friend, and a glass of wine to enjoy an evening of conversation, or snuggle with furry four legged friend. Bring on the cocoa and a good book for a soothing winter afternoon.

The homeowner wanted a signature sunburst pattern embedded into the stone, making their fireplace a unique addition to their home. This avid “do -it -your- selfer”, with the wisdom to ask for help, lent our stone mason a hand with this project. He participated in mixing mud and carrying stones, and assisted on the exciting highlight of the project by picking through stones to come up with the pieces for the sunburst at the top of the fireplace.

The classic beauty of stone has the modern advantage of low maintenance and sustained value.  Our seasoned mason can guide you through choices of color and pattern to create a unique look suited to your taste and style.