Patio and Retaining Wall

These home owners are busy professionals with children entering middle school and high school.  The design was crafted to enhance the living space for the family while providing an inviting area for entertaining colleagues.  The home is situated, like many homes in this area, on a hillside. The first aspect of design was to establish the differences in the grades (elevations) for planning steps, wall heights, and patio levels.  The function of the retaining wall is to create enough space for the patio while also providing additional seating when entertaining guests. Much to the relief of the homeowners, the design of the hardscape included a practical approach that addressed a pesky drainage problem.

Existing shrubs were culled, and all were removed from the landscape.  Viable plant materials were moved, and reused throughout the landscape. Shade tolerant plant materials were chosen for ease of care.

Lighting features were added to create an inviting ambiance, making evening entertaining safe and easy.  The walls and steps are lit with halogen lamps that fit under the lip of the wall and step caps, spilling soft light where it is most needed.  Matching path and porch lights add a touch of charm.  Up lights installed in the wooded areas call out an evening invitation with light dancing through the tall trees imitating the flicker of a camp fire.