Specializing Natural Stone

fotorcreated2The beauty of natural stone combined with the skill and intuitive interpretation of the art of stone masonry can change our clienteles landscape to a breathtaking, calming, outdoor living area. Stone retaining walls are built to last. We have built beautiful features such as pillars and out door fireplaces. Stone walks or patios harmonize with plantings and create a felling of both warmth and elegance.

Veneer Work:

Natural Stone Veneer:
Enduring Natural Stone veneer application is and art form that enhances your home inside or out. An alcove or entrance to your home done with stone veneer adds both value and warm aesthetics.

Cultured Stone Veneer:
Lighter in weight, Cultured, or Manufactured Stone comes in may colors sizes and shapes. Cultured Stone has the same look of Natural Stone.

Landscape and Garden Restoration:
This is a less costly or radical solution than a completely new landscape design. Part of a landscape may be salvageable, but may contain diseased, dead, or overgrown shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers. We trim and reshape salvageable plants in such a landscape and make recommendations for the removal and replacement of other plants. The artistic abilities of the staff and management of the company have made this service one of our most popular services.