About Guardian Scapes

The corporation and each associate have the mission of contributing to a higher level of artistry in landscaping for those who are touched by our designs and services.

We supply you with steady, reliable, skilled workman, many of our workers with over 10 years’ experience in the landscaping field. Several of our employees have been with Guardian for over 10 years.  Guardian employees work for the company full time 12 months of the year. Guardian carries liability insurance: Personal injury $2,000,000.00 Property $100,000.00, workmen’s comp on all employees, and our equipment is under an inland marine policy, which means it is insured while it is at your location. Our coverage includes commercial services with $200,000.00 coverage.  We offer third party insured status to commercial accounts.

Speed, skill, and dedication is what makes Guardian Scapes your number one landscape destination. We reflect this mission in our work, in our team approach to meeting objectives and in each of the products and services we provide our customers.

Our designs delight and surprise our customers because they are tailored to your taste. Small touches make a big difference in the final outcome of any project.

We will work with you at every step, from planning to materials selection to design preferences to ensure that you have the finished project that you have been dreaming of. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.