It’s one thing for us to say it… but it means a lot more coming from our valued clients.

“Guardian Scapes exemplifies professionalism. I regularly get questions about who did my landscaping and retaining wall. Great work at a fair price!”

—Shawn Kessler, Millville, PA


Not every company goes “above and beyond” what is required, provides exceptional service, and makes the extra effort to ensure the customer is truly satisfied. You and your company have done that , and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I will look forward to doing much more business with you in the future!


I was very pleased with the masonry work performed to restore our outdoor fireplace. The care and attention applied in re-pointing and repairing the failed portions of the stonework is obvious. We appreciate both the professionalism with which the work was performed and the reasonableness of your charge.
Very truly yours,
Kreisher & Gregorowicz
William S. Kreisher
Attorney at Law


Just want to tell what a beautiful job you did cleaning up Mom’s gardens. She has mentioned it most everyday, and I’m so very pleased with the way her property was treated with respect, and dignity for her by your crew.
Thank You So Much,
Sadie Rose Smith


Just wanted you to know how very pleased we are with our driveway. We would certainly recommend your company to anyone.
 We have never had so many people drive by the house so slow and look! Bill & Steve should be very proud of their workmanship and skills.
 Jim and I will be calling you in the spring for another project by the front porch.
Again, thank you for a great job.
Jim & Kathy Yurik


Thanks Ellen for taking care of Mom’s property so quickly. It was much appreciated and she is quite pleased!
Kim Kulp


Thank you so much for sending your guy to pick up the dirt on Sunday. We are so grateful to you for that. I have to say he was quite some guy, so nice and polite! You are lucky to have him.
Thanks again,
Gina S. Geiser


Thank you so much for the wonderful job on the shrubs.
Deb D


To Say “Thank you for a job well done” is not enough praise after your company’s construction of a natural stonewall next to our pond.  We are so pleased with the results.
 Much of the credit should go to Bill Reimared.  He did an excellent job.  A sister  from Allentown visited us over the weekend, and she marveled at how level each stone appeared.  My husband Earl told her that’s because Bill used a level on nearly every stone to make sure it wouldn’t rock in its  final position.  Bill finished the wall beautifully.  It looks as though it has been there for years and it looks so natural in its setting.
My retired husband, who was able to arrange to be home while Bill worked, reported that Bill (and you, too) was “good at communication, making it easier for  him to  plan his  day. Bill kept him informed if they’d be running late because of loading more palettes of stone, or if they were finishing a project elsewhere and would be arriving late afternoon, or if they wouldn’t be working that day due to bad weather. We’ve dealt with other contractors who weren’t good at letting you know when they were coming.
Earl also said that Bill is a perfectionist. He decided at one point that a change in the wall design was needed. Instead of having the wall higher in the middle and lower on both sides, he decided the right side should continue at the same height to make it look good. He was right. We also like the way he built the flagstone steps to extend right into the wall. He also did a great job of incorporating a square stepping stone with an imprint on it into the wall as a focus point.
 He is a real asset to your company. He certainly has the knowledge and experience to do the job right, and he is good at working with the customers to make sure they are pleased with the results.
 You can be grateful you have such a person working with you.
 Thank you again for giving us a start on a new outdoor living area. We are going to really enjoy the improvement.
Yours truly,
Twylah Naugle


K. Cillo called- We just put in a retaining wall- She is so pleased. The gentleman you sent to her was so polite and nice. She couldn’t be happier. They did a wonderful job.


Thanks for the good job! I’ll see you in mid-November whey you’ll trim my evergreen trees.
Clem Tedesco


Had a letter from Jerry Huard expressing great satisfaction about the work you did at the YMCA. He sent me a copy of the bill which listed in detail all that was done. I was so pleased that you accomplished so much in such a short time. I’m sure it looks great.
Petey Goulstone