26 to 30 week season.

The company performs this basic service with care. Guardian has trained professionals who not only use power equipment for trimming but who are also skilled in hand pruning techniques. This skill has been the decisive factor for many of our customers choosing Guardian over competing landscape companies.

Edging, the portion of grass cut away from beds and borders, is done by hand with edging shovels, providing more precise cuts and lines than the more common method of using a power edger, which can cut too deeply into turf creating unsightly gouges and uneven lines. This specialized edging is a selling point for many of our customers.

Mulch Installation:
Mulch used, unless otherwise requested, is the premium double ground bark mulch that helps to create healthy soil because it biodegrades more quickly, attracting earthworms to hasten the creation of soil at ground level. We have many happy customers delighted by the healthy look of shrubs and flowers as the result of this approach to their maintenance needs.

Annual or Perennial Garden Installations:

Perennial gardens planned and planted for continuous color.  Annual gardens planed and planted for full spring, summer and fall color.

Snow removal services:

Plowing, salting, shoveling.

Large equipment may be available for commercial accounts given adequate time for planning.


Brush Clearing:
Guardian has a unique approach to clearing brush away from driveways, property lines, or lots that have become overgrown. Not only is power equipment used, but also the expert use of machetes, make quick work of jobs that some landscapers are unwilling to tackle. On major projects, a chipper handles the excess of debris.

Driveway Repair:
Guardian maintains the equipment needed to do ditching and general gravel driveway repairs. The installation of gravel or modified base is also a part of the service we offer. This service is convenient to those customers who retain us for other services in that they are familiar with our workmanship.

Due to the hilly nature of the geographic area, drainage is often an issue for our customers. Guardian offers a range of solutions for drainage needs. Drainage systems for downspouts run off systems and low area wet spots, swales, French drains, ditching and piping are used in combination to create drainage systems designed to meet the requirements of both new and existing landscapes.