Going Green

Innovative “Green Theme” Gardens:
Green themes are landscape areas that provide energy efficiency, storm water control, or wildlife habitat.

The US Department of Energy maintains a website for the promotion of Landscaping for Energy Efficiency. www.nrel.gov/docs/legosti/old/16632.pdf. Information contained in the article details that up to 25% of a households energy cost can be saved with the installation of landscaping designed to reduce energy consumption as well as reduce the consumption of water, pesticides and fuel for maintenance needs. The thoughtful placement of landscaping materials can also reduce noise and air pollution.

Plantings to increase energy efficiency:
Using plantings to create windbreaks, foundation plantings for insulation and the planting of trees for shade reduce energy costs for both residential and commercial accounts. Just three strategically placed shade trees around a home can reduce cooling costs by $100.00 to $250.00 dollars per year.

Rain Gardens for Storm Water Control:
Rain gardens look like regular garden areas that handle and take advantage of storm and runoff water, preventing erosion and cleaning water. The garden design mimics the hydrologic action of a forest; by building pockets in the soil surface to hold water that percolates though soil slowly, cleaning storm and runoff water of sediments and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Careful plant selection for these gardens is critical to the success of the planted area and for the creation of a native plant garden.

Bird and Wild Life Habitat:
Guardian staff has the knowledge and expertise to help clients interested in developing areas to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Assisting with the selection and proper placement of planting materials to provide food and shelter for wildlife can mean the difference between maintaining a well-ordered landscape or creating an out of control jungle. In the proper combination, plantings can produce shelter, food, and forage for a range of wild creatures, or conversely, plants can be chosen to for their resistance to damage by deer or rabbits.

For creating a peaceful, restful, environment nothing is better than the addition of a pond to the landscape. Falls create visual interest as well as calming sound while the addition of koi and water plants complete a haven for many busy professionals. Not only is the pond feature stress relieving for humans but also creates a natural ecosystem, which attracts birds and other wildlife.