Residential Services List

Service Categories:
Guardian Scapes serves a diverse set of customer needs, from basic services such as mowing and landscape maintenance, to highly specialized services such as landscape design and hardscape installation.

Landscape Design and Installation:
One of the most distinctive areas of expertise offered by the company is the creation of original, customized landscapes.  Our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of the existing landscape.  Customized detailed plans are the first step to create a functional, lasting,  landscape that will bring years of use and pleasure for outdoor living.  Homeowners are encouraged to work with the design team so that materials and design options fit their budget as well as their goals for end results. Designs often incorporate personal tastes and art themes dear to the heart of the customer into the landscape.

Hardscape Design and Installation:
NCMA and ICPI certification reassures our clients that the company has the knowledge and expertise to install retaining walls and concrete paver systems for walk ways, patios and driveways. The high standards and instillation specifications set by the NCMA and ICPI schools are strictly followed. Failed walls in this area are common due to improper installation. We guarantee our work and the lasting integrity of our wall installations.